Saturday, 24 February 2018

Free on Friday 23 February 2018 and latest makes

I have been sorting out some fabric and part finished crafts from when I was working with the elderly.  I covered the folder on the left with two cushion covers (the craft was to decorate that plain patch you can see).  I cut off the long edge on both covers and attached them together by hand sewing while they were in position on the folder.  Before I sewed them together I covered the cardboard cover with scraps of fleece fabric to give some padding.  I finished with 3 buttons on the spine.  For the inside of the folder I made some pages with 12 x 12 paper and some pocket pages.

I bought a Tim Holtz Stamping Platform a week or so ago.  The cover was an additional expense so I thought I would make my own.  Using some left over bags I made for my elderly craft group, I made a bag with double layers of that material and some soft furry fabric.  The finished bag fits in a calico bag I have had for some  time but not used.

I bought some pocket pages some time ago to store small images in.  I kept them in a storage box, but every time I tried to go through them the images kept falling out.  I store the bigger images in a Papermania folder, but the images tend to gall to the bottom making it bulky.  So for my padded folder and the folder above I made my pages by scoring 12 x 12 paper at 10 inches for the top and 9 inches for the side.  Then I stuck the pocket page on top and punched two holes along the side.  The pocket page does show at the bottom, but I suppose I could have joined two pieces of card together Then the flaps are folded over making the images more secure and easier to look through.

I hope that wasn't totally confusing!

Now for today's freebies:

I hope you like these pretty young ladies.  
Until next time, take care x

Sunday, 18 February 2018

New Album part 1

I decided to have a go at making a album, in my usual crazy way, I watched several tutorials, decided on two different types and made my first one today.  I have my friend Vanessa coming round tomorrow to make one, so I thought I would check I knew how before I showed her :)  We had decided on an 8 x 8 album so the first thing I did was to cut the cardboard for the cover.  I used the cardboard from cereal boxes.
The measurements are 2 pieces of 8 1/4 inches square and 1 piece 8 1/4 inches by 1 3/4 inches.  I used two 12 x 12 papers for the cover and 2 for the inside cover.  Score one inch in for the outside cover, fold over and crease.  Place the board up to the line with equal distance top and bottom and glue down.  Fold in the top and bottom and crease, then fold in spine side and crease.  Mitre the corners by cutting diagonally across leaving 1/8 inch by the tip.  Leaving spine side, fold over other sides and glue down.  Leaving a narrow gap glue down spine, cut off flaps of spine and surplus.  Make other side in the same way except mark the gap, leave the flaps on and enough surplus to nearly fit across the spine.  Glue the two side together up to the mark you made.

Cut two pieces for the inside cover making sure there is no overlap on the spine or crease.

To make the pages cut six pieces 9 inches x 8.  Score at 8 inches and 8 1/4.  Crease the ends to give the shape below.

The first piece is the front, add double sided tape and glue to the next page as shown.  Keep adding the pages sticking the last flap to the back inside cover (not the spine).

Add double sided tape to the spines of the pages and starting at the back, press each one down  on to the spine of the inside cover.

Now of course it needs decorating.   I hope this inspires you to have ago.  Till next time, take care x

Friday, 16 February 2018

Free on Friday 16 February 2018

A warm welcome to another Free on Friday.  Before I show you today's free images I thought I would show you my tidy craftroom.  I have spent the past two weeks sorting , getting rid of some stuff and trying to ensure that I haven't got the same type of things stored in several different places!

My room is not very big and it is filled with a lot of stuff, I can't promise to keep it like this, but I feel quite satisfied with my achievements.

My husband is working on shoe storage under the stairs.
On to today's free images:

 This one has had the phrase removed.  Have a great weekend and take care, till next time x

Friday, 9 February 2018

Free on Friday 9th February 2018

A warm welcome to Crafting With Jack this cold wintery day.  We have had rain and snow - at the same time and a bitter cold wind.  Thank goodness for the central heating:)  I have been reading Groosham Grange with my grand daughter, she comes to me after school to read and do some mathematics.  Groosham Grange was written by Anthony Horowitz, the same author as the series “The Power of Five” that I enjoyed.  Groosham Grange was written for a younger audience and therefore is not as gruesome as “The Power of Five”, nevertheless it is quite a thrilling story and filled with funny moments all the way through.  We enjoyed it so much I have bought a boxed set of similar books by Anthony Horowitz for us to read together.

I don’t know how many times I have sorted out my craft room before, but I am busy doing it again at the moment.  I keep too many odds and ends.  So I have been ruthless - well, perhaps not that ruthless!  With each sort out I strive to become better organised.

Hope you enjoy today's vintage cards, are you feeling the love in the air?  See you soon, until then take care x

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Envelope books and tag for Outlawz Challenge

Waving "Hello" to all my followers :)  It's been snowing here the last couple of days, but a very fine snow that is not sticking around.  We have had lots of visitors to our bird table and now it is near the kitchen window, it gives us endless pleasure.  I have tried taking pictures through the window, but I think I need to clean the window!  I see the birds, grab my camera and then wait for them to come back, they are so quick!  

I have been watching loads of tutorials on YouTube about envelope books.  I had seen some before so I had a good idea on how to make them.  I had a couple of crafty friends round Monday so I wanted to make sure I had everything written down as we were all going to have ago.  We had a go at the type with a spine and none of us were pleased with out first attempt at lining up the envelopes.  Sandra knew that using a heat gun would unstick the tape so that was a very useful tip.  Vanessa went home with a completed project, Sandra went home with an improved attempt and I left mine for another day.  I did make a simple envelope book though.

This type is super easy and since I can't find the tutorial on YouTube I can write you one if you want to know how.  That's the trouble with YouTube, you watch one, then another, then another :)  The cover is on the left.  I used washi tape to strengthen the middle and add some colour.  Using washi tape I stuck a piece of lined paper to each left side and a piece of drawing paper to each right side.  This is going in my handbag as a note/sketch book.

I showed you some cards I made here.  I used a chalky paint on them and found if you print on them the ink gets absorbed into the paint too much.  Everything started off sharp and then when I went back it had blurred.  Slightly disappointed I looked through my butterflies and found these cut from wrapping paper.   They are quite large and have a glittery finish.  I used some chalky pastels to add a warm colour to the background to tone in with the butterflies and used a printed word at the bottom.  I didn't really like the addition of the word, so I digitally covered it and added text over it in P.S.E.

I am entering this card in the Thursday Twist challenge at the Outlawz.  The twist for this week is a "one word sentiment", it is always "anything goes".

I hope you will join me for "Free on Friday" this week.  Until then, take care x

Friday, 2 February 2018

Free on Friday 2nd February 2018

A warm welcome to Free on Friday.  Today I have the last three of the "Floral Fantasy In An Old English Garden"

I think one is a bit spooky!

I am still working on yesterdays theme for "Your 30 Day Art Challenge" on Facebook.  Rubbing away the top layer is proving a little too much for my hands and shoulders!  My daughter did help earlier and I thought it was done, but when it dried you could see areas that needed work on.  This is it so far.  It is still wet so I won't be able to see if it's really done until it dries.

I want to add some colour - mixed media style, but my husband is not too keen (nothing new there)Take care and have a great weekend x

Thursday, 1 February 2018

30 Day Art Challenge

I have started a 30 day Art Challenge on Facebook.  Today is day three, my project for today isn't finished, but I have until midday tomorrow.   As preparation for this challenge I started sorting out my box of scraps.  These pieces of card were in the box all measuring approx 3 inches by 7 inches.  Normally I use gesso as a bottom coat, on these I used a chalk based paint in grey blue and yellow.  On some I used strips of washing tape, then took them off adding more paint.  You can see a sample of the original card in the photo below.

Day one was to create something based on one of God's promises.

Day two was to create a piece of art based on one of the names of God that means a lot to you.

Day three is to create something you love and then give it away.
I had a bit of a problem with this as although I am often pleased with my art, I am not sure my family like it.  So I decided to make something I knew would be appreciated.  I made some index cards for my daughter for her grooming business.  I had given her a new index card box and her other cards were a little big for it.  It was on my list of "To do".  Secondly I am making a canvas for my daughter in law.  I took a self-photograph with my mobile phone last year of my grand daughter and myself.  I liked the half with my grand daughter so I cut myself out :)   I made into a black and white picture, enlarged it and printed it with my laser printer.  Using a Deco art photo transfer medium I have glued it to the canvas and have to wait until tomorrow for the next stage.  

Till tomorrow then and it's Free on Friday tomorrow!