Friday, 20 April 2018

Free on Friday 20 April 2018

Welcome to another Free on Friday, today has been warm and sunny here in North Wales.  The ponds are full of tiny wriggling tadpoles and yesterday I had a wonderful surprise - the one fish that I have in one of my ponds is alive and well!!

This what he/she looks like and is almost impossible to spot amongst the plants in the pond.  Quite a few years ago I bought 5 very small ones, this is the only one left and is now the length of my hand.  We have bought quite a few goldfish over the years, some have died, but most have just "disappeared".

On to today's free images.  This is one of Briggs embroidery images and I have given you a coloured version too.

Enjoy your weekend x

Friday, 13 April 2018

Free on Friday 13 April 2019

Hello everybody, this is a very quick post as I have been away all week, today has been spent catching up with the washing, shopping and cleaning my craft room as I didn't do it before I went away :)

Today I have for you some Briggs embroidery images.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Free on Friday 6th April 2018 and a changeable Easter

Ever wondered why Easter Sunday is such a changeable day?

As a general rule Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday which follows the first full moon after 21st March.  The convolute system is the product of a mix of Hebrew, Roman and Egyptian culture and calendars.  The Egyptians based their calendar on the movement of the sun, which was adopted by the Roman and then Christian culture.  However Judaism used one based on the phases of the moon, which Islam also incorporates.  Easter’s date fluctuates due to an attempt to harmonise these solar and lunar calendars.  There are more than a dozen different formulas existing to calculate Easter.

In 1928 a law was actually passed to fix Easter Sunday as the Sunday following the second Saturday in April, but apparently the public didn’t like this and the law was never enforced.

We had a lovely Easter Sunday at my son’s, they had quite a houseful of visitors.  We had a shared meal - we brought the meat fresh from the oven, my son did all the vegetables and Yorkshire puddings and friends brought desert, a lovely pavlova!  I hope you enjoyed your Easter x

Now for today’s free images.  Today I have an embroidery image for you that I have been working on.  The first one has a gold outline, the second is black for you to colour and the third is the coloured version.  I do hope you like these.

See you soon x

Friday, 30 March 2018

Good Friday with free images

I wrote about Good Friday last year and you will find Easter images in that post

The following was taken from here
...according to Fiona MacPherson, senior editor at the Oxford English Dictionary, the adjective traditionally "designates a day on (or sometimes a season in) which religious observance is held". The OED states that "good" in this context refers to "a day or season observed as holy by the church", hence the greeting "good tide" at Christmas or on Shrove Tuesday. In addition to Good Friday, there is also a less well-known Good Wednesday, namely the Wednesday before Easter.
The earliest known use of "guode friday" is found in The South English Legendary, a text from around 1290, according to the dictionary.


I went to Church today for an All Age Good Friday service.   During the service we were all given a scrap piece of A4.  This is what we did with it:

I forgot to photograph step 4, but you just fold the paper in half after step 3.  You are left with a little triangle over a rectangle. Draw a line from the base of the triangle straight down.  In the square we wrote something we had done wrong or the word Sin.  Tear from the base of the line up (I found it easier to tear upwards).  Then we had to throw the square part away.  The idea being that Jesus takes away our sins.  Unwrap carefully the remaining part and you have a Cross.  Jesus dies to take away our sins.  I thought this was an amazing idea to do with children, to explain what the Cross was for.

On to today's free images:

Wishing you and your families a very Happy Easter xx

Friday, 23 March 2018

Free on Friday 23rd March 2018 and Easter Bonnet

Welcome to Free on Friday,  I have had a very mixed week.  I spent considerable time designing a mini album at the beginning of the week only to find it didn't work, which was quite disheartening.  I threw the result away and watched a few more album tutorials.  I came upon the answer quite unexpectedly while following a blog hop in which there was some amazing mixed media work.  whilst exploring the blogs I came across an album design very similar to the one I had tried and the reason mine didn't work was suddenly very clear!  So I shall have another go:)

My daughter asked me to create an Easter hat for my grandson who is four.  Here is the result:

I made an Easter card too:

Here are some vintage Easter cards for you:

Thank you for visiting, do leave a little love behind x

Friday, 16 March 2018

Free on Friday 16 March 2018, album and digital art

 Welcome to Free on Friday,  I have been having lots of crafty fun this week.  I wanted to make some mixed media paper for a mini album.  I covered both sides of two 12 x 12 papers with paper napkins, gesso, paint and sprays.  I was using my heat gun for drying between layers and over heated it, now it doesn't work - I shall not do that again :(   The next day my sheets were totally dry and I made a mini album.

Mini Album

Having taken photographs of the mixed media sheets, I started with an idea of using a silhouette against the background.  I cut out a horse from a photograph to make the silhouette.  From then it developed into the following picture.  I changed the colour of the background to make each horse.  I just love how my work takes on a life of it's own sometimes :)

On to today's free images.  It is St Patrick's Day tomorrow and I hope you like the selection I have put together for you.

 The frogs in my garden have been croaking merrily and my ponds are full of frogspawn.  It has rained so much yesterday and today I will not be surprised if they lay eggs in the wet areas of the lawn!  We may be in for some more snow over the weekend, the frog spawn should be safe as long as the temperature does drop too low for too long.  We even have some tadpoles left from last year, I imagine they will be the first to leave the pond.  Thank you for visiting, take care till next time x

Friday, 9 March 2018

Free on Friday 9th March 2018

A warm welcome to Free on Friday here at Crafting With Jack.  Today I have cards from the Tuck Company with an Easter theme.

This one is a real beauty.

I hope you like them, see you soon and until then, take care x